Events are a great way to turn Lime&Tonic experiences into a social gathering for you and other Lime&Tonic members. It's easy. You set a date and a time, and the number of people you want to invite. Decide if you want to make the event public, so any Lime&Tonic member can attend, and if you want to allow your friends to invite other members. Or just keep the event private and enjoy it with friends only. That's it! There's no need for you to work out reservations or pay anything up front, you simply create and sign up for your event, then get your friends to sign up too. Once you've reached the requested number of guests, your event is confirmed and you pay at this point. Then just show up and have a great time! Also see the video guide.
Creating an event is simple. Just log in and choose the Lime&Tonic experience you are interested in. You will then have the choice to buy the experience for yourself, or to create an event. Once you're on the events page, you simply choose the date, time, and size of your event, and you're all set! Also see the video guide.
If the event does not reach the minimum guests it will be cancelled, and your credit card will not be charged. There are no deposits or fees. We do not store or use any credit card information you enter.
Because we have to pay the merchant for the full reservation (all confirmed guests), we cannot issue refunds. But if you can’t come, you can send someone instead of you.
No, your name will be on the guest list. You will not have to present any purchase confirmation.
Yes, you can buy multiple tickets when creating the event. You can also buy additional tickets later, after your booking is confirmed by the merchant.


If you have an electronic gift (i.e. it was sent to you via email) then find the email and click on the “Activate Your Gift Now”! After that you’ll need to scroll down and either log in using your Lime&Tonic member details or register with your name/email. Then you can decide if you want to make a booking to use your experience now, or wait till later.

All Lime&Tonic vouchers have three years’ validity. Vouchers are valid for 6 months, after which point your voucher value will turn into credit to use towards another experience during the remaining 54 months.

Yes you can. We have a very flexible gift system which allows you to give any item you have purchased as a gift any time before it expires. To do this simply purchase the item as normal and then use the GIFT link in your profile. You can have the gift delivered instantly by email to you or the recipient. So Lime&Tonic can be very useful if you forget a birthday!

All Lime&Tonic vouchers have three years’ validity. Vouchers are valid for 6 months, after which point your voucher value will turn into credit to use towards another experience during the remaining 54 months.


Lime&Tonic provides many ways to earn credit. Our Loyalty Programme allows you to climb through the levels and earn credit along the way. But the most effective and generous way to earn credit is by sharing. If you introduce friends to Lime&Tonic you can earn credit (one time). Take a Happy Snappy picture while enjoying the experience, post it on the Lime&Tonic Facebook page (within 4 days of the experience booking date), tag everyone in the picture and all of the tagged ones will get credit.
You can use your credit to purchase, or partly purchase, any experience on the Lime&Tonic home city where you are a member. You can do this by adjusting the slider on the purchase page during checkout. Unfortunately you cannot use credit in cities outside your home city.
If your membership level is Newbie (the first level) you cannot use credit on purchases less than $68. Different types of discount cannot by combined. This means a promo code or credit voucher cannot be combined with each other or with credit currently on your account. You must choose which credit you'll use on that purchase.
Your credit remains valid for 30 days so if you earn credit and do not want to use it immediately that's okay. We'll send you an email reminder one week before it expires. You can check when your credit will expire at any time by placing your mouse over the little clock icon next to the credit amount shown in your profile.
Yes you can. Any time you get more credit to your account the 30 day validity is reset.
The two most common reasons for credit not being granted are as follows: (a) The referred people have not yet verified their email addresses. (b) Lime&Tonic terms and conditions state that each member can only have one account. We use a third-party system to test the validity of all subscriptions to filter out dual-subscriptions and fake accounts. This system is quite strict but it helps ensure that all referrals are genuine so we can therefore reward our members with some free credit. To gain the credit, you could either try referring some additional friends and wait for them to verify their addresses, or you may want to try using the Facebook referral option as people who subscribe using Facebook will already have their name verified by Facebook (meaning it is instantaneous verification).

Using Lime&Tonic Experiences

Because of our turn-key system, there are no vouchers used in Lime&Tonic experiences. After booking your experience, you'll receive a confirmation email from us. Then just show up and enjoy!