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of mystery and delicious food!
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Here's an exciting evening of adventure and Italian cuisine for groups. The secret location will be revealed to you 24 hours before the event. Upon arrival enjoy a cocktail class and an incredible Italian feast. View Website

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  • Exclusively curated.
  • Earn Lime&Tonic points.
  • An evening of adventure and Italian cuisine. 24 hours before the event you'll be sent a set of clues to work out the location of the secret restaurant.
  • Upon entering the secret restaurant, you'll have a chat with the Head Chef about the Italian feast he's prepared.
  • Next you'll have a mini-cocktail class, where you'll create the perfect Italian aperitif.
  • Finally, you'll sit down to dinner, including a glass of beer or wine.
  • Valid every day, depending on availability. Reservations required at least 1 week in advance.

FOR MIN 7 people
MAX FOR EVENT 50 people
Lime&Tonic Melbourne
Secret Melbourne Location (revealed 24 hours before event)

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Get some friends together for a magical evening that's right out of the Old World. With a playful mystery and a sublime Italian feast, you're in for a great time.

The night starts with your group using clues 24 hours before the event to work out the location of this secret venue centrally located in Melbourne.

You'll then be brought to the dining area, where the Head Chef will talk about the Italian feast he's created for the night. But before dinner starts, you'll get involved in a mini-cocktail class themed around Italian drinks. You'll get one cocktail each, because, hey, you can't start dinner without an aperitif! Next, you'll sit down to a true gourmet Italian dinner, included a glass of wine or beer.

You're in for an extraordinary night. Delicious Italian cuisine combined with a little mystery: It's an unforgettable combination.
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Ozharvest By rescuing good food from going to waste, OzHarvest helps both those in need and the environment.


The Italian Job A classic thriller
At our version of The Italian Job, you'll be indulging in some of Melbourne's best Italian food. It's sure to be delicious, but perhaps less death-defying than the original. The Italian Job is a classic 1969 heist film concerning some small-time crooks who hatch a rather humorous plot to steal a shipment of gold in Turin, Italy, by causing a massive traffic jam. The results, as you might assume, are hilarious.

Although it was one of his most defining film roles, Michael Caine was not actually Paramount’s first choice to play Charlie Croker, the central character. In fact, Robert Redford was originally wanted.

Luckily, you won't have to rob any banks to enjoy yourself on this very special evening of surprise dining in Melbourne.

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