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22 October 2017

Alyssa Anderson

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26 August 2017

Laura George

The hosts were friendly and fun, however I expected a little more from them. They were shy and not up front about making an impression to the group. There were 22 of us so I understand it was a little intimidating, however I had to prompt them to introduce themslefs and I had to make the plan for how they had to proceed. I expected them to take control and treat the situation as their responsibility to ensure the order of the day was introduced. I felt as though I was the host not them. Once they were in smaller groups they were much more fun and they knew their info regarding cocktails however they lacked the confidence I would expect. Good guys, not awesome.

19 October 2016

Alison Casey

We didn't go to 3 venues, only 2. Food was great but I don't know how it was valued at $145 per person. Thanks,

2 September 2015


Fantastic evening, great service, quality of food and fun. Would definitely do it again : )

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