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Release your Tension and Enhance your Well-being


Revitalise your mind, body & soul in Alysium's serene setting at the Hilton Sydney. Allow yourself a little peace of mind & some well deserved down-time with a luxurious 75min spa treat: a soothing 60min aromatherapy massage & a 15min body polish/brush. Website

Member's Perks
  • Relax with a 60-minute full-body aromatherapy massage.
  • Give your skin a healthy glow with a 15-minute body polish/brush.
  • Turn it into a full day of 'you time' with a day pass to Living Well's Health Club gym & pool facilities.
  • Offer available Monday-Sunday, during normal operating hours. Reservations required in advance. Weekend bookings limited. Cancellation policy is strictly min. 24 hours notice.
  • To access the Spa - Upon your arrival at The Hilton Foyer, call the Spa directly on 9273 8808 and a member of staff will come and pick you up.

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Alysium Day Spa
Hilton Sydney
488 George Street
Sydney Get Directions
GPS: -33.871852, 151.207582 Get Directions


A treatment at Alysium Day Spa at Hilton Hotel Sydney means total immersion in a serene oasis. The five-star spa combines traditional techniques with modern practices to create a healing sanctuary in which you can escape your busy life to relax, refresh and refocus.

Your experience will include a 60-minute aromatherapy massage, in which you can switch off your mind and escape as your senses take over. This is a full-body treatment that uses a range of pre-blended essential oils to stimulate your senses, relaxing you completely – both mentally and physically.

On top of the obvious pleasure of an aromatherapy massage, this super indulgent treatment is the ultimate stress-reliever. You’ll walk out of your massage not only feeling healthier and calmer, but you’ll also find that your mind feels clearer and more focused.

Then, it’s time to wake your skin up with a body polish/brush. Alysium’s body polish/brush means healthier, softer skin in only 15 minutes.

Finally, as a special gift, you’ll get a day pass to the Living Well's Health Club gym and pool facilities, to complete your renewal.

It’s time for a little bit of self-indulgence. Let the Alysium Day Spa pamper you for a while, and walk out looking and feeling like you’ve just returned from holiday.
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Pampering at Alysium A Mythical Greek Paradise
In Greek mythology, “Alysium” is a place where those chosen by the gods went to rest. It was the ultimate island paradise, where residents could indulge in their favourite pastimes, and where life was restful and luxurious. According to Homer’s Odyssey, Alysium is the place where “life is easiest for men.” In Hesiod’s Works and Days, the people of Alysium are said to “live untouched by sorrow.”

Inspired by this idea, Alysium Day Spa has been providing five-star pampering to its guests for the past 15 years, making all who visit feel relaxed and pampered – as if you, too, were chosen by the gods.

Alysium Day Spa offers a wide range of luxurious treatments, with a focus on your mental and physical well-being. The goal is to help you unwind completely – not only will your muscles be relaxed, but your mind will be clear and focused. So much so, that if you visit, you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to “Alysium”!

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