A gourmet chocolate class
with an award-winning chocolatier!


You might not believe it, but there's more to chocolate than eating as much of it as you can. With this exclusive Lime&Tonic experience, you can learn all you need to know about this delicious food, in a private session with a master chocolatier! Website

Member's Perks
  • Exclusively curated.
  • Earn Lime&Tonic points!
  • A three-hour one-on-one chocolate masterclass with award-winning chocolatier Rebecca Knights-Kerswell.
  • Learn all there is to know about gourmet, organic chocolate.
  • The beautiful chocolate school in Mosman offers you a charming environment, with Sydney harbor as your backdrop.
  • Available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Reservations required two weeks in advance.

FOR MIN 4 people
Coco Chocolate
Building 21 1110 Middle Head Road,
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You may have a sweet tooth, but let's face it, you're probably not a chocolate expert. But that can change in three hours, with this chocolate masterclass with Rebecca Knights-Kerswell, Head Chocolatier at Coco Chocolate, one of Sydney's finest chocolatiers.

During this exclusive masterclass you'll learn everything you need to know about chocolate, from how to make it, to how to pair it with food and drinks, and also how to distinguish between the finest chocolates in the world. Rebecca is an internationally trained chocolatier, and will offer you invaluable insight into one of the world's most precious foods.

Rebecca has trained many professionals around the world, and specialises in organic chocolate. This is why Coco Chocolate, one of the finest chocolatiers in Sydney, is a leader in organic chocolate. They only sell real chocolate with high cocoa content, made with authentic cocoa butter. This commitment to quality helped Coco Chocolate win the gold medal at the Great Taste Awards, as well as the Specialty Store and Local Business of the Year awards. So what are you waiting for? Indulge that sweet tooth of yours, and learn something while you're at it!
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Rebecca Knights-Kerswell Head Chocolatier At Coco Chocolate
You couldn't ask for a better guide for this masterclass in the art of chocolate making and appreciation. Rebecca Knights-Kerswell is truly a chocolate master!

Rebecca is from Sydney, but she moved to Europe to study the art of fine chocolate. She opened her first chocolate kitchen and retail store in the UK, so she could continue to be inspired by all that European chocolate has to offer. But the desire to come home was too strong, and Rebecca now develops all of the Coco Chocolate recipes in Sydney.

The Chocolate Society, of which Rebecca is a member, aims to alert the populace to the cocoa content in bars. Mass-produced chocolate squeezes out cocoa and cocoa butter in favour of cheaper sugar, vegetable fat and powdered milk. Rebecca believes that only the best ingredients should be used in chocolate. Her insistence on world-class flavour makes her your ideal guide to all things chocolate!

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