Explore the beauty of the Yarra Valley
in three of the newest Ferrari models!


Combine the pure beauty of the Yarra Valley with the pure adrenaline of driving one of the fastest cars in the world. Three of them, actually! You'll test drive three new Ferrari models, and enjoy an overnight stay with gourmet dinner, and wine tasting! Website

Member's Perks
  • Exclusively curated.
  • Earn Lime&Tonic points!
  • You'll get to drive the coveted Ferrari 458 Italia, the Ferrari California, and the Ferrari F430 Spider on a 100km return driving route from Balgownie Estate to Marysville via The Black Spur.
  • Accommodation for two at Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa. Here you'll enjoy a three-course dinner for two at Rae's Restaurant, and a hot breakfast in the morning.
  • Includes private driving instruction, espresso, and refreshments, a dedicated lead vehicle, radio communication with your hosts, and all fuel costs.
  • Complimentary vehicle insurance — no bond is required (conditions apply).
  • Only available on select dates (From Sept 14 - Oct 04 ONLY). Minimum age for any driver is 30 years and a passenger is 12 years.
  • Vegetarian option available. Able to cater to specific dietary requirements.

FOR MIN 2 people
MAX FOR EVENT 6 people


The Yarra Valley is beautiful wine country, especially when you're speeding through it in a beautiful car! With the luxury to choose from Prancing Horse's collection of the latest and greatest of Ferrari's, you can test drive three of the newest Ferrari models, the Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California, and the Ferrari F430 Spider, on the journey of a lifetime. Your 100km round-trip driving route will take you through the Yarra Valley, where you'll stop overnight at a gorgeous hotel for lodging and dinner!

The dramatic mountain trails of the Black Spur and the sweeping vistas of wine country are the perfect terrain to see what these super cars can do. With this personalised Ferrari experience, you'll receive all the training you need to get behind the wheel of these amazing cars, just like an expert. It's up to you how you want to schedule your experience. You could stay overnight at the gorgeous Balgownie Estate Vineyard, enjoying a luxurious three-course dinner for two, and a hot breakfast before you go driving. Or, take your Ferrari cruise during the day before you check in, and let this sumptuous feast be the happy ending of your adrenaline experience. After your cruise, you'll enjoy a VIP wine tasting in the wine cellars at Balgownie Estate Vineyard, so you can savour the memory of your driving expertise!

Prancing Horse offers expert guidance and professional experience with Ferrari's. They'll make sure you feel comfortable behind the wheel before setting off, and you'll have contact with a lead car while you cruise. So put the pedal to the metal for an absolutely unforgettable day. It's not often that you get to combine natural beauty, raw adrenaline power, and gourmet dining. But with Lime&Tonic, anything is possible!

The Ferrari 458 Italia

The Cavallino Rampante
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Ferrari Automobiles A long, fast history
When Enzo Ferrari formed Scuderia Ferrari, which means "Ferrari Stable", in 1928 in Modena Italy, he wasn't interested in producing cars for the road. Instead, the group was intended to provide sponsorship to drivers on the racing circuit in Italy. Ferrari was more of a trainer at this point, and trained drivers who raced Alfa Romeo cars until 1938, when he was invited to become head of their racing team.

In 1941, Alfa Romeo was confiscated by Italy's government, but Ferrari's division was so small that it escaped notice. It was during this time that Ferrari began producing machine parts for the war effort, but he did actually produce one race car during the war. Debuting in 1940, the Tipo 815 became the first official Ferrari model.

Ferrari's factory was bombed and rebuilt several times during the war. In 1946 it kicked off its car manufacturing efforts in earnest. Since then the company has grown to become one of the most respected and most beautiful car makers in the world.

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